Marketing Sense

A discussion of marketing tools and tactics with a common sense attitude

Making sense of it all

In the course of daily life we are assulted with messaging, images, offers and stories from a multitude of angles. It’s simply become my nature to watch, read and listen as the daily assault takes place. Too often would be “advertisers” go in with the strongest intent but through fuzzy objectives end up with the weakest message (or no message at all).

I’ve come to realize that like all disciplines – be it accounting, plumbing, engineering or construction – gaining knowledge and developing skills take time. The same applies to marketing. This blog is designed to help all would-be marketers “make sense of it all.” I’ll give you bits and pieces of marketing common sense that will help your company grow – no matter what size your business. I hope you find my postings insightful, and please, don’t be shy to share some insights of your own.     

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