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The King is dead. Long live the King!

Posted by Colin N. Clarke on June 10, 2008

By Colin N. Clarke  – For years we’ve been hearing about the pending demise of “advertising.” From the inevitable crush of the newspaper business to the emergence of prophetic authors writing books with such titles as The Fall of Advertising and the Rise of PR. The truth is, “advertising” continues to march on at an ever increasing pace.

The convincing truth to me has been revealed through what is being called Web 2.0. Social networking hot spots such as MySpace, Facebook and Ning are thriving in the virtual world through advertisers’ rush to reach their users. As a matter of fact, every article I have read in the past year that has dealt with Web 2.0 upstarts of any sort has clearly described the success of the upstart as being 100% reliant on an advertising revenue model.

But its not just the web that causes me to believe that there is a future for “advertising.” Every major sports stadium in North America serves as proof as they give up their proud heritage for the dollars that come with granting naming rights; every municipal bus in America serves as proof as they roll down the street wrapped in some marketers message; and every maternity ward serves as proof as they send home first time mothers with a care package of “baby’s first” items. So I will agree that yes, in terms of traditional communications means such as television, newspaper or magazines, “advertising” may be a diminishing art form. But marketers are not going away. They still have products and services to hawk and they want YOU. Its just that their communications means are reaching audiences in various and more creative forms, and honestly, with greater frequency than ever before.

With this I have come to believe that like it or not, advertising makes our world go round. And if you don’t believe me, tomorrow when you walk out the door just try and keep track of the marketing messages you see or hear in your first hour of the day alone. I am sure that you too will be convinced that the King is alive and well.


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